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Mention the word Wiki and most people will immediately think of Wikipedia, the best known example of how it works; an on-line encyclopaedia with millions of contributors who have specialist knowledge about a subject. The term originally meant ‘quick’ in Hawaiian, but is now used to describe a fast and simple format for uploading information onto a website for the benefit of a wider audience. This tool is now being used by many different organisations and companies as a means of making available useful and relevant information, supplied by experts in their particular field.Everyone from small not-for-profit organisations to multi-national companies are using these platforms to enable the people with the knowledge to make it freely available to an audience that can make the most use of it. The benefits are immense in a number of situations; calls to customer service are greatly reduced, best practise spreads more effectively and information sources are kept up to date and relevant. Where knowledge is power this can be used to great effect, as has been demonstrated with Wikileaks, where an individual with access to controlled information can affect events on a global scale.Creating a Wiki is relatively simple as the tools available are WYSIWYG, ‘what you see is what you get.’ Anyone with basic word processing skills will be able to get their message across, typing directly into their Web browser. Advanced users can make use of more sophisticated applications which will affect the style and feel of how the Wiki comes across. Linking terms to new pages is simple to apply, so that readers can explore a phrase by clicking on it to find out about that area in more detail.Do I need a Wiki? Unless yours is an organisation that relies on secrecy to maintain a competitive advantage there will probably be a benefit to making information freely available, even if it is to a closed internal readership. For many others it is a very useful tool for keeping readers up to date with a fluid and constantly changing situation. For example, with debt management, there a huge number of people with an interest in the subject, many of whom will have different circumstances that can be quite complex. New trends and solutions can be listed and outlined for the benefit of the whole community.So, now that you have an idea of what a Wiki is and how useful a tool it can be, why not go ahead and create your own?

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