Whats a Wiki

Lets explain FIRST What’s a Wiki and Why Should you Care?

Then review why we are different

Wikipedia might be the most famous site on the internet to make use of the wiki name, but there are plenty of others. A Wiki, or wik pages are a relatively new way of providing information to people.What is a Wiki?Wiki sites are a type of website which can be accessed through any modern browser. What makes them special is that all the content is edited by the users. This collaborative editing process allows all users to modify and correct content at the same time. This speeds up the expansion of the site and allows people to share information.

It’s quite a simple idea and has allowed wiki sites to grow and become increasingly popular. A decade ago, the thought of using shared information to build an encyclopedia would have been impossible. Now, thanks to the internet it’s a reality.

The only problem with wiki sites is that by giving anyone the option to edit pages, there is sometimes a question of accuracy and bias. Some wiki sites have implemented control systems and even Wikipedia includes notes when the content is suspicious.

What Should a Wik Do?

Wiki sites almost always look quite simple, but this is just to make it easy to use. The actual systems in place are quite complex. The wiki sites have a content creation system, mail system, collaboration system and repository all built in. This allows multiple people to communicate and share information.

A wiki makes it easy for anyone to write content and edit existing content. There’s no need for anyone to learn HTML or other languages. Instead, there is a built in content editor which runs right in most modern browsers. This really speeds up and simplifies the process of getting content out there.

In a way Wiki’s are similar to content management systems (CMS) such as Joomla and WordPress, however they have additional features which makes them stand out from the crowd.

Can a Wiki Help Me?

If you are considering using a wik site for your business then it’s important ot understand the benefits. Wiki websites make it easy for anyone to write content and modify what it says on websites.

Wiks are designed to be lightweight and able to function in any standard up to date browser, without the need to download any additional addons or features. This can make it a useful system for a companies intranet or website.

While Wikipedia might be the most famous wiki site available, there are dozens of others. Other well known wiki sites include WikiLeaks and Wiktonary, there are thousands of the sites all over the internet.

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